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Rani and Saraswati were neighbours and they both studied together and went to the same school. They were good students scored top marks and when they were just 18 they were in junior. Devi was slightly dark in colour, but Saraswati was very fair and beautiful. They had even at this age very prominent boobs and round bottom. They wore skirt and half saree.

Boys in the class always watched them and commented on their unseperability. Rani and Sarasu never mixed with other girls to hear gossip or any other talk. But one day one girl was taling about safe period and unsafe period and said all the girls should know about it. She had a pamphlet published by the Family Planning department about the birth control methods and the girls were very intantly listening to the talk.

Rani was also interested. She too joined in the discussion got a copy of the pamphlet. It was a detailed paper and it contained everything you need to know about FP. Rani took it to her room and read it thoroughly and she called Sarasu and asked her to come to her house and they both studied the paper and noted the contents.

Sarasu said her friend works in a copying center and she would take a photocopy and return the original back. Sarasu asked her friend to take photo copy of the paper. It gave detailed account of the safe period and unsafe period for girls. It said during safe period you can have sexual intercourse without the fear of pregnancy. She gave the photocopy and the original to Sarasu.

Though both the girls do no have any boy friends or the possibility of getting fucked, they marked in their calender their safe days and unsafe days for the heck of it. Rani kept the paper safely in her book stand. Rani’s brother Umesh was in the PG. He was a sportsman and was always busy going around playing for the college. He was handsome, tall, and well built.

He had a girl friend who was from christian community. He told her not to expect him to promise to marry her. She too agreed that marriage was not in her mind. Because they belong to different communities and there will be great opposition for their marriage. But they agree to have fun as much as possible. Umesh used to fuck her quite often.

One day Umesh was searching for a dictionary in the book stand of Rani, when he saw the pamphlet. He just glanced through it and found it interesting. He asked his GF about it and she said she knows all about it and she used to observe it during their sexual intercourse. Next day when his parents were away, he saw Rani watching the TV.

He called her upstairs to her room and they entered and bolted the room from inside. She was lookeing at his face with surprise. He asked her to lie down told her that they are going to fuck. She was surprised. She said Umesh, is it allowed, is it proper, no no I dont think it is possible. Umesh said for me there is no worry I am regularly fucking my girls frined.

But for you if you goto a boy friend, he will fuck you left and right and will not bother about the consequences. He will call you for his convenience and not to your convenience. He will start blackmailing you with your fucking photo, unless you agree to his terms. When you do with your brother there is none of these risks.

It it is a safe day for you, since our parents are not there, we can fuck and fuck for the whole day and enjoy. What do you say. Rani found some truth in what Umesh said. She said ok. He called her to undress completlly and lie down in the bed. She removed her top and then her midi now she was on her bra and panty. Umesh removed his t shirt and jeans, he was in his boxer, with a huge bulge.

He bent low and unhooked her bra, out came her two big boobies with erect nipples. She was shy and put her hand across to cover them from the view of Umesh. Umesh laughed and kept quiet. He pulled her pantydown and took it out and saw her pussy clean shaven. She covered her pussy with one hand and her boobs with another hand.

When Umesh stood near her with his semi erect 6 and half inch cock She just wanted to touch it. She removed her hand from her boob and extended to touch his cock. Golden colored cock, thick at the bottom and gradually tapering into a cone, with slightly retracted skin and a drop of pre cum at the tip.

She took both of her hand and held the cock of Umesh and took it her mouth and took it in. Rani was hot and it is lucky that he gets her brother to take her cherry. She asked him, will it pain. He said since it is the first time it may pain slightly. But the pleasure is great. Umesh put his hands on her boobs and squeezed them and bent low to apply his mouth to her erect nipple.

By making body adjustments this way and that way he was slightly on her and she by instrict mover her legs wide and opening her fuck hole, Umesh put his cock inside the hole. It was not going in and she was crying of pain. He said one day or the other you have to bear this pain, every girl has to experience it. Why bother keep quiet, I will handle it softly.

He took a scoop of a hair cream and applied it on his tool and in the hole and with his finger made the hole bigger by rotating around it. He saw her tiny clitoris pulsating. with his creamy fingers he just gave it a nudge and proceeded to put his creamy cock in the creamy hole. It went in but the hole was tight and he just pushed and pushed his way through.

With clenched teeth, Rani was waiting for her tear to happen. With one hard push Umesh tore the obstruction and now he was deep inside her with his whole cock. Tears were rolling down the cheeks of his dear sister. He licked her face and kished and consoled her. His cock stood tight fitted in her cunt hole. She could not believe that it has ultimately happened.

She moved her hip and made it more comfortable to accommodate his cock inside. Umesh strarted to move very slowly. His strokes were very slow and short. There was no complaint from Rani. He made more stronger and deeper strokes, rani showed her pleasure and started to moan. Each time it plunjed he gave a ha sound and when he pulled out a hi sound.

He slowly increased the speed and she was arriving at her climax. She hugged him tight and entweined her legs around him and pushed her crotch up to meet his strokes. But Umesh was nowhere near the end. He told Rani to call her friend Sarasu to come. Rani in her mobile called Saraswati and asked what she is doing.

She said she is just watching TV since her parents are away and may not come before evening. Rani said come here we will have some fun. Sarasu, immediately, closed and locked her door and came to the house of Rani and knocked. Umesh with a lungi around his waist, went and opened the door and she asked where is Rani. He told her she is upstairs in her room.

Sarasu after giving him a look ran upstairs to the room of Rani. Rani was lying covered head to foot. Sarasu asked her what is the fun, whyshe was called. Rani told her it is her safe days how about you. Sarasu said yes, it is for me also. Rani told her that today we both are free and my brother is also free. I had a grand fuck with him. I thought you also should have, what do you say.

Sarasu started crying, if somebody comes to know my whole life will be ruined. Who will know obody will know, it is my brother and it will be confidential between three of us. Come on undress. Sarasu felt it reasonable and started to undress. She asked Rani did it pain too much, Rani said it just a pin prick thats all thereafter it was just pleasure and pleasure.

When Sarasu was totally naked, Umesh entered the room, totally naked. His cock was limp Both girls were lying totally nude and his cock suddenly rised and assumed the 90 degree position. Hey Sarasu, it was my long time wish to fuck you. Now it is happening.

He went near her and kissed her on her cheeks, on her lips, on her neck and on the erect nipples, dow on her stomack and in the lower abdomen and then on her clean shaven pussy. He licked her cunt lips and then licked her clitoris and lifting it with his tongue he gave it a milk suck. Sarasu watching him was getting aroused gradually and when he did with her clitoris, she pushed his face down into her cunt.

Umesh got up and placed his cock at the entrance of the cunt hole of Sarasu. Rani told him to apply some cream and broought the cream bottle. She took a scoop and applied in the fuckhole of Sarasu and on the cock of Umesh. Rani watched how the cock enters thefuck hole.

Umesh did it very gently. It went slightly in, he gave a jurk and it went further in, Sarasu was crying oooooo, Rani consoled her and Umesh gave a strong push and the obstuction was removed and his cock went deep in. Sarasu cried loud, but was consoled by Rani and Umesh started to fuck in small short strokes. Sarasu appeared to have taken them well and she looked well.

Umesh fucked fast and sarasu was enjoying and asked him to be hard and fast. He took more time than he took for Rani. Sarasu got an orgasm. She hugged Umesh tight and kissed him.But he continued to fuck she took it for her second round. He went on ramming his cock into her cunt and finally he shot his cum into her while she also reached her orgasm. It was too much sex for all the three.

They went to the bathroom and all the fluids were drained and organs cleaned and wiped clean and they came back and lied in the bed to take rest. On that day all the girls and Umesh had three fucks each and they were totally exhausted. Rani went to the kithen and brought them glasses of milk and they got dressed.

Girls told Umesh that they want regular fucking sessions and he has to keep himself free. It went on for years, after Umesh did his PG families arranged for the marriage of Umesh with Sarasu. They both liked and the marriage was well conducted.

They found a gulf groom for Rani and her marriage was conducted with all pomp and glory. Before going out to her husband, Rani used to join Sarasu and Umesh and have a fuck or two. Nobody knew and nobody suspected.


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